Woman Trained Squirrels To Attack Her Ex Boyfriend

What people won’t do when they are broken hearted and bitter?

45-year old Janice Smith was arrested this morning by officers of the Detroit Police Department for capturing numerous squirrels and training them to attack her former lover.

The victim, 51-year old James Robinson, was presumably attacked by the rodents on more than a dozen occasions over the last month. The attacks caused him many serious injuries, including the loss of two fingers and one testicle, bitten off by his attackers. The man had no idea why squirrels kept attacking him until he saw his ex-girlfriend, a former circus animal trainer, cheering the animals during one of the attacks.

“She was partially hidden behind some bushes, but I could clearly see her and hear her. She was yelling orders at the squirrels and telling them to attack me”, said the victim.

Mr Robinson filed a complaint to the police, who paid a visit to Ms. Smith where they discovered a dozen cages, holding a total of 27 squirrels. They also found two training dummies with pictures of Mr Robinson taped over their faces.

Smith’s lawyers have demanded for her to undergo a psychological evaluation, claiming that she was unfit to stand trial. If she is judged fit to stand trial, Ms Smith will be facing a maximum of 65 years in prison.